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La nostra Azienda è presente sul mercato come costruttore di sistemi di Sollevamento, con il marchio O.C.M.A., sin dal 1925, data che ci rende una delle ditte più longeve del settore, specializzata nella costruzione di gru a cavalletto (a cassone e a traliccio), gru a ponte e gru a bandiera.
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Our company has been active on the trade-market as a producer of lifting machinery branded O.C.M.A. since 1925. This date is a reason of pride for us, since it makes us one of oldest and more experienced companies in this field. We are specialised in the production of gantry crane (box and tristle), bridge crane and flag crane.

In the last few years we have been improvinf and optimizing our products, in fact we have been focussing on designing and realizing special machines. We have been doing this through the employment of the most updated technologies, which allowed us to develop and potentiate both the technical and mechanical components of our machines. In this way we have been able to fulfil succesfully the always more demanding and specific request of our customers.
Starting off with the elaboration of raw materials, the whole of our production cycle is carried out completely inside aur factory and exactly this, is the guarantee of an accurate and continuous control on our products.

In recent years great attention has been directed also to the Marble industry and in first place to the problems strictly linked to it (maximum utilization of the space available, long-life and highly reliable components.), without leaving aside any other crucial sectors of the market anyway.

Our field of action is nowadays spread out world-wide. We have customers based in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America. Apart from this, we also point out that on the national level we supply factories in the most competitive and qualified areas.

OCMA is:
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • ISO 3834-2:2005 certified
  • Attested Processing Center n° 3053/14 (by the Higher Public Work Council)